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Gas Engine Oil Prices

Our Offers

Every service includes, 28 point inspection, fluid level check, air filter and light check, we will also air up your tires to Manufacturers specification.

We also carry other brands of oil such as, Mobil 1 and Royal Purple.

Conventional Oil Change


Includes up to 5 qts. of Castrol Premium GTX Oil.

Semi-Synthetic Oil Change


Includes up to 5 qts. of Castrol GTX High Mileage Oil.

Full Synthetic Oil Change


Includes up to 5 qts of Castrol GTX Full Synthetic Oil.

Diesel Engine Oil Prices

Our Offers



Includes up to 10 qts. of Shell Rotella T3 15w-40 Conventional Diesel oil.

Full Synthetic


Includes up to 10 qts. of Shell Rotella t6 5w-40 Full Synthetic Diesel oil.

Car Mechanics

Fuel Filters

Battery Replacement

Air and Cabin Filters

Transmission Flushes

Coolant Pressure Test

Tire Rotations

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